Cafeteria Information

  • Cafeteria Information

    Food and Nutrition Services offer variety and well-balanced nutritious meals at a low cost. School lunches provide an assortment of foods including daily meal salads and fresh fruit. School meals are healthy, meeting the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. By choosing lunch at school, students learn to make healthy choices, reinforcing nutrition education taught in the classroom.  Delicious breakfasts are served daily in all Broward County Public schools.




    School breakfasts and lunches are designed to promote eating well-balanced meals.  The dining experience offers an opportunity for our students to practice appropriate social skills as they interact with other classmates.

    Parents are welcomed to have lunch with their child on an occasional basis.  Since the federal government subsidizes the school nutrition programs, schools cannot provide meals to parents on a daily basis.  Therefore, parents may join their child during lunch on Tuesdays only.  In order promote wellness, fast food is discouraged during breakfast and lunch.

    Students in the cafeteria are under the direct supervision of school personnel.  No student may leave the cafeteria area without the permission of an adult on duty.

    Breakfast is available from 7:30 a.m. until 7:55 a.m. for those who are non-bussed students.  We will not be able to serve students who arrive late.  Bussed students will be fed upon arrival.

    Children may bring their own lunch (no glass or cans), or they may purchase a lunch from the school cafeteria. Meals or milk may be paid for in advance on Monday mornings. Free or reduced price meals are available to families who qualify under Federal Regulations.  Application forms are available from the office.

    Prices for breakfast and lunch are as follows:


    Breakfast: Free Universal Breakfast


    Lunch: $2.00 

    Reduced: $.40

    Adults: $2.75