Mission / Beliefs

  • Vision: To create a positive teaching and learning environment that fosters self-motivated and lifelong learners.

    Mission: Quiet Waters Elementary School’s students, staff, parents, and community will strive to ensure all students reach their maximum potential in a safe and nurturing learning environment.


    • We believe the basic skills in reading, writing, and math is the foundation of education.
    • We believe all members of the school community should respect themselves and others.
    • We believe educational decisions need to be based on individual student needs.
    • We believe parents, staff, students and the community are a team that share the responsibility for each student’s achievement.
    • We believe it is our responsibility to meet he challenges of change and keep abreast of current educational research and strategies.
    • We believe a safe and nurturing environment is needed to promote learning.
    • We believe in the importance of creating an environment, which accepts and respects the diversity of all individuals.We believe the curriculum support classes play an integral part of a well-balanced education.