Principal's Message

  • Principal Felton

    Dear VSY Families and Community, 

    Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!  This year, our theme is VSY, A Magical Place to Learn.  At VSY, our instruction combines the Montessori philosophy and curriculum with Florida Standards.   We focus on the whole child, teaching the Montessori life skills, environmentalism, cultural studies, and encouraging student voice. Together with our VSY PTA, we have planned many school events and activities to ensure your children will have a fantastic year of learning. 

    We encourage you to get involved in your child’s education and school life this year. We are planning many opportunities to bring our community together during the year and I hope that you can join us.  This includes Parent trainings in Montessori Education, Family Events, Book Fairs, Parent PE, Arts Alive, PTA Meetings, School Advisory Council and the many volunteer opportunities schoolwide and in-class.   

    Please join us on social media as I continue to share all the amazing happenings at VSY and celebrate our staff, our students, and our school.  Our goal will be to provide you with a window into the daily life at VSY as we work to provide students with exceptional learning experiences in a Montessori environment. You can find me on Instagram at @msfeltonvsy and on our school Facebook page Virginia Shuman Young Montessori.  You’ll find Ms. Campolo on Instagram at @mscampolovsy.  Please join us by following today!   

    I am eager to work with you to support your child throughout their years at VSY.   Please do not hesitate to email or call me should you need my assistance. 

    Let’s have an MAGICAL year! 

    Cyndi Felton