• VSY is a public Montessori school and embodies the vision of an environment of mutual respect and collaboration amongst and between the staff, students, parents, and community as we meet the individual needs of all learners, instilling a love of learning and respect for the world around us. Our mission is to prepare children for lifelong learning by providing a quality, innovative educational foundation based on the Montessori philosophy and methods. Our teachers share a conviction that success in school is directly tied to the degree in which children believe they are capable, independent human beings. Children develop a meaningful degree of independence, they set a pattern for a lifetime of effective work habits, self discipline, and a sense of responsibility. Students believe in themselves, are engaged in meaningful learning activities, and learn in a safe and equitable environment so they can achieve success.

    Since its inception in 1994, VSY has exceeded the very idea of its creation by infusing the principles of Maria Montessori, while still maintaining the integrity of the Florida Sunshine State Standards. VSY, as a Montessori Magnet, has earned fame for its success in recognizing the uniqueness of each child and the insistence upon allowing children to develop according to individual abilities, interests, and speed within the prepared environment. Being a magnet program, parents send their children to VSY for a unique educational experience to meet the needs of their child and spark a love for learning.

    The Montessori method of instruction was designed by Dr. Maria Montessori to provide children with opportunities to explore their environment and encourage children to select independent, yet challenging work. Student use hands on materials, and when coupled with the Montessori lessons, students truly see and comprehend how and why concepts relate to real-life experiences. Students are not merely giving answers through rote memorization, but developing a sense of understanding of various concepts. Through the use of hands-on materials, children progress from concrete to the abstract, ultimately applying principles previously learned to testing situations, as well as in everyday life. Rather than merely teaching a prescribed curriculum or set program, high student performance expectations are set for learning through Montessori learning experiences to meet individual needs and address varied levels of proficiency.


    Montessori Resources


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