Social Studies

  • Grade 6:  World History

    Grade 7:  Civics & Career Planning

    Grade 8:  US History & Civics

    Students participate in the "Choices Career Planning" program provided by the Florida Department of Education. This program is an engaging online education and career exploration system that provides extensive libraries of education, career and recreation articles in an interactive magazine-style format. Students and parents can access "Choices" by Clicking Here. Social Studies teachers will provide log-on information or contact Ms. Jasmine Medina,  Social Studies Department Chairperson at 754-322-4200.

    Click here to reach Ms. Medina's web site.


    Grade 7 Civics 2013

    The State Board of Education adopted new K-12 Social Studies Standards in 2008 called the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS).  These standards, which must be implemented beginning in the 2012-2013 school year, are aligned with the instructional materials adoption and implementation of new K-12 social studies textbooks. 

    In 2010, the State Legislature passed the Justice Sandra Day O’Connor Civics Education Act: HB 105 which has been written into the 2011 Florida Statute Title XLVIII Education Code. The Statute can be found at  This law requires middle school students to take a Civics course  and earn a passing score on an end-of -course Civics exam.

    Beginning in 2012-2013, a yearlong Civics course will replace the current Geography course.  Geography standards are embedded within the Civics course as well as in the other middle school social studies courses.  A field test will be administered to select middle schools throughout the state in 2012-2013  and beginning in 2013-2014, seventh grade students will be required to take a Civics end-of course exam that will count for 30% of their final grade.

    In 2014-2015, students will be required to earn a passing score on the exam in order to receive course credit and be promoted to high school.  Please note: Students entering sixth grade in 2012-2013 will be the first group of students affected by this new legislation.