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    Welcome to the Career and Professional Education (CAPE) Academy at HHHS!

    The Florida Career and Professional Education (CAPE) Act provides the basis for the establishment of a CAPE Academy at Hollywood Hills High School. 

    The HHHS CAPE Academy is aligned to Professional Industry Standards and students who are enrolled in this program can earn career Industry Certification.  These courses reinforce academic content by applying curriculum to real-world, workforce readiness and skills training situations. Many of these skills-training courses provide students with marketable proof of their skills-competency. 

    The goal of Career & Technical Education at Hollywood Hills High School is to prepare ALL our students for post-secondary education and/or a smooth transition into the workplace.


    Technology Coursework Related to Better Attendance, Higher GPAs in Florida

    CAPE Academy Programs Offered at Hollywood Hills High School

    • Multimedia Design Technology
    • Communications Technology

    CAPE Academy Mission Statement

    The mission of the Hollywood Hills High School CAPE Academy is to provide technical and supplemental training and academic education to our students.  Preparing students for the workforce in a technology rich learning environment will enable them to compete in a new global economy, continue their education or training, and pursue the vision and goals of our educational system.