• Join A Student Organization!

    SADD students Student organizations have a lot to offer. Whether you join as a member or choose to lead one, simply taking part in an extracurricular group will enhance your school experience. Gaining skills, making connections, and broadening your knowledge through a student organization will help you become a more well-rounded individual — one that’s ready to take on their future career!

    Hollywood Hills High School students have a rigorous academic schedule, and many have full- or part-time work and personal lives to balance.  But students involved on campus because they see that the sacrifice of their time is worth the benefits they receive — the friendships, the level of involvement across campus, and the amount of fun they can have as a team.

    Visit the Student Organizations section of this website to learn more about what you can get involved in at Hills.  Explore student groups!  You can quickly and easily find and communicate with an organization or student activity that interests you using our student organization platform, get involved.


    Student Group Advising

    There are several faculty and staff professionals that serve as advising and support structures for all of Hollywood Hills' student clubs and organizations.

    Start a New Group

    Your opportunities for involvement at Hills are truly endless.  Review the available organizations and if you don’t see the activity you’d like to participate in, start a new one!

    Sports and Recreation

    Stay active by participating in or sports programs through our recreational sports offerings.

    Why join a student organization?

    Students at Hills HHHS students are busy. Between classes,  homework, family, and other commitments, there can be a lot to balance.  So, why would we suggest you add another thing to that list by joining a student organization?  Because it can impact your career and student experience in a hugely positive way.  

    Take a look at some of the reasons why you should join a student organization while getting your high school degree.

    • You’ll learn more about yourself.
      • Joining a student organization presents many opportunities to learn more about yourself, your goals, and your strengths. You can learn from how other students handle certain situations and test your current knowledge. You can also find out what you’re good at, whether that’s multitasking, staying organized, generating ideas, or serving others. This self-awareness will be beneficial in your future career.
    • You’ll develop soft skills.
      • Soft skills are essentially “people skills” — they’re the skills that allow us to effectively interact with others, like communication, attitude, and work ethic. Participating in a student organization not only teaches you these skills, but also helps you broaden and improve those you already have. You’ll learn the best way to communicate with both individuals and large groups, and you’ll gain emotional intelligence as you develop new relationships.
    • You’ll learn how to work with a team.
      • Knowing how to work well with a team is an essential skill for any career. Being in a student organization teaches you how to do this by putting you in situations where you are required to take advice from others, as well as give your own.  
    • You’ll get networking opportunities.
      • Another great benefit of student organizations is that you get the opportunity to network. Meeting new students, making connections, and building relationships will all help down the line when you’re looking for a college or job.  Because you’re all part of the same organization, you know the people you’re meeting have at least a few of the same interests as you, so their connections will be valuable.
    • You’ll gain practical experience in a safe environment.
      • Participating in a club or an organization based around your particular area of study will give you practical experience within that field. And what’s great about student clubs is that while you learn to use skills like project management, event planning, and fundraising, you get to test them out in a safe environment where making mistakes is OK.  Everyone is there to support you, so there’s no fear in messing up or being wrong.  
    • You’ll be able to use the skills you’ve learned in class.
      • As students, you are able to apply classroom experience in your student organizations, and also develop leadership and life skills that help you become more effective in classroom team projects.
    • You’ll learn how to engage with diverse groups of people.
      • Chances are, the organization you choose to participate in will include a diverse group of people — you’ll be faced with the same situation in college and the working world!  Learning how different people respond and react to certain situations will help you develop your skills in presenting and implementing ideas.
    • You’ll gain leadership skills.
      • Becoming a leader or an officer in an organization will help you develop leadership skills that will be invaluable in all areas of life. You’ll be presented with opportunities to improve in public speaking, and gain confidence in yourself as an individual.
    • You’ll get a break from your studies.
      • Concentrating on schoolwork is obviously important but giving your mind a break is necessary (and beneficial).  While taking part in club activities, you’ll be able to socialize with like-minded individuals and actually learn as much from them as you would your schoolwork.
    • You’ll expand your resume.
      • There’s no arguing that organizations and activities look good on a résumé.  Showing colleges and employers that you participated in, or (better yet) lead, a student organization, they’ll know that you’re hard working and can handle multiple responsibilities.  
    • You’ll be able to give back to the community.
      • Many student organizations provide opportunities to give back to the community, whether through acts of service, sponsoring events, or hosting charity drives.  Not only is this good for society, but it will teach you how a you can give back to your community in the future.
    • You’ll have fun!  
      • Another simple reason to join a student organization is to have fun. Meeting new people, making new friends, and participating in activities will help you make the most of your high school experience.