• Welcome to Our Family!

    Being a parent is hard work, and no matter what people say, it doesn’t get easier after your children go on to high school.  You worry if they’re safe and happy. You worry if they’re getting enough to eat.  You worry they might be too busy to get to that list of chores you have lined up for them.     

    Your role as a parent of a Hollywood Hills High School Leadership Military Academy cadet is even more complex but truly special.  Your sons and daughters are attending one of the finest institutions in Florida.  They will enter the Academy as youngsters, and after four years, they will emerge as young adults ready to take on the world and a post-secondary education.  To support you and your cadet through this exciting four-year journey, we’ve put together a few tips and resources.


  • Welcome Parents!

    You are your child’s first and most important teacher!  Your involvement is crucial to his/her success.  

    The Administrative Team and Faculty at the Hollywood Hills High School Entrepreneur and Leadership Military Academy  is committed to supporting you with information and resources to help you stay informed and get involved in your child's education.  

    Different types of involvement may include parenting, communicating with our school, volunteering at our school, supporting learning at home, participating in school governance and decision-making, and taking part in school-community collaborations.  

    In order to encourage and foster this comprehensive involvement with all families, our administrative staff and faculty is committed to developing mutual trust between our Academy and parents.  Please consider communicating with our faculty and be diligent in reaching out.

    We also ask that you check out our Checklist For Student Success at the link menu at left.  

    Parent Volunteers Wanted! 

    Please visit our school's Volunteers in Action webpage for information regarding volunteering opportunities. 


    Please check out other helpful links at the menu at left.  

    Hollywood Hills Military Academy Parent Association

    A Hollywood Hills High School Academy Parent Association has been organized to support cadets and encourage parental involvement in the education of our student body.  To join or learn more, click Here.

  • Let's Work Together!

    Working together as a community we can ensure that your students continue to achieve greatness in the classroom, on stage, in the gym, or on the field.  We encourage you to get involved.  Your involvement, partnership and support for your child’s education are greatly appreciated during the school year as we work to build and maintain a positive school culture.  


    Attendance is very important to your child’s academic success.  We ask that you please refrain from scheduling vacations and appointments for students during the regular school day.  In order to maximize our instructional program, the regular school day will begin at 7:30 a.m.  We will dismiss all students at 2:40 p.m.

    Your partnership in your child’s education is key to his/her success.  We ask for your support and participation in this effort by sending your child to school every day, monitoring homework and progress, and asking your child to share what he/she learned at school each day.  You set your child up for success by getting him/her to school on time, ready to learn every day. 

  • Pinnacle

    We ask that you monitor your child’s academic progress on Pinnacle on a regular basis.  If you do not have a Pinnacle account, please follow the instructions below to register.   

    To Register...

    Please register on Pinnacle Viewer so you can get grade and absent alerts for your cadet.

    Log on to Pinnacle Here or choose "Pinnacle" at the menu at left.  Click Here for a Pinncle sign-in guide.    

    • Username:  ten digit student
    • Password:  cadet's Date of Birth.  The letter P comes before the date of birth is entered (PMM/DD/YYYY)
    • Click on "Sign In"
    • You will see your Cadet's Reports and Class Reports Menus... 

    Email Alerts and Notifications

    Parents may receive email notifications of their cadets' grades by simply signing up to receive email notifications.  Click on "Email Subscriptions" in Pinnacle. 

  • Calendar of Events

    We encourage you to stay informed of upcoming school events and activities by checking our school website and Calendar of Academy Events. Visit the calendar or choose "Events Calendar" under the Magnet menu above.  Please visit our school website at or for additional information and important upcoming dates for the 2017-2018 school year.  

    We also ask that you frequent our College and Career Center to stay informed regarding upcoming career and college information, fairs, events, and dates.     

    School Advisory Council (SAC)

    We would like to personally invite you to attend our monthly SAC meetings to learn more about our school initiatives and network with other parents.  

    Florida's Pledge of Parental Involvement

    "I pledge to support my child’s education to the best of my ability. I will have high expectations for my child to succeed in school and in life. I will make my child’s education a priority, and model positive actions and attitudes. I will partner with my child’s school to ensure I am informed and involved in all aspects of my child’s education, and will be an active advocate for my child’s education. I understand that education is the key to success, and will do everything I can to nurture my child’s ability to learn."