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    The Hollywood Hills High School Facilities Department exists to provide a safe, clean, and healthy school environment for the students, teachers, and staff of Hollywood Hills High School so they can achieve and succeed in education.  

    The Department supports our staff, faculty, students, and community by ensuring that our buildings and grounds remain safe, healthy, comfortable, and presentable year round.  Studies have linked well-maintained, healthy, and safe learning environments to greater student achievement and higher test scores.



    Mr. Elliott leads his team during the aftermath of Hurrican Irma.  The entire team was on hand to clear away debris and ensure our grounds were safe, healthy, comfortable, and presentable for our Spartan community.  Also on hand was our administrative team and support staff.        

  • From The Head of Facilities

    Mr Elliott Our Department is responsible for the day to day operation and condition of our campus, including several buildings and athletic fields.

    Our staff consists of custodial, grounds and maintenance personnel who take great pride in ensuring a clean and safe environment for our students and staff. Their duties include but are not limited to the daily cleaning, grounds and maintenance needs of our school.  In addition, the Department also performs many in-house repairs.  

    It is the goal of our department to make Hollywood Hills High School a safe and enjoyable facility for our students, faculty, and staff.  

    Jim Elliott, Head of Facilities

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