Welcome to the Tequesta Trace Middle School website!

    Please set aside some time to visit the abundance of links and resources available throughout.

    I encourage all students and parents to get involved at TTMS! Students can come to school each day ready to learn, but can also join a club, play a sport, or get involved in one of the many student service organizations. 

    Parents, I encourage you to attend our monthly School Advisory meetings or get involved in our school’s PTA.  At the very least parents you can monitor your students’ success and attendance by visiting Pinnacle through this website.

    Finally, I want to again remind everyone that ID cards must always be worn . Students who lose or forget their ID card will be given a new one at a cost of $3.  This obligation is put on your child’s record and can be removed by paying the cost in person or online through our TTMS website.

    Thank you for your support for the remainder of the year!


    Paul Micensky