Special Education at TTMS

  • Here at Tequesta Trace, 93% of students identified as having a disability are included full time in general education classes and are working on Florida Sunshine State Standards.

    Currently, we have one Support Facilitator per grade level, 6th-Ms. Rachwal, 7th-Mr. Cunningham, and 8th-Ms. McDonald. They oversee the implementation of students' IEPs in the general education setting. All three are certified in Special Education.

    Mrs. Passman is the school's Speech and Language Pathologist, providing services for students who have Speech and/or Language impairments. For students working on alternative standards, we have SVE (Specialized Varying Exceptionalities) classes in all areas of academics. These classes are taught by Mrs. Curtis and Mrs. Ancieta, both certified Special Education teachers.

    For questions, please email our ESE Specialist Jessica Winter, or our ESE Department Chair Valeska McDonald, or call 754-323-4420 and our ESE secretary Vera Skinner can direct your call.