Clubs / Organizations


    Yearbook and Video Journalism Club

    Ms. Erin Broemel- Advisor

    The Yearbook and Video Journalism Club works to fill the yearbook with all of the year's memories. Students take pictures, organize story lines and write the story of our lives. The students also create the advertising that sells the yearbooks by creating interesting and often humorous advertising to be broadcast on the Morning Announcements. The students gain a clear sense of how to cover a story, as a news reporter, while developing skills as a writer and editor.  Videography skills will go a long way to helping the student approach the work force with the modern tools of communication.


    World Languages Games

    Mrs. Irena Ruiz- Advisor

    The students in the World Languages Games club learn to speak fluent Spanish as well as write, perform poetry and sing.   The students go to an annual competition using their newly found skills. The group meets on Fridays in Mrs. Ruiz's room 225. Our student are very good competitors and frequently return victorious from competition.


    Mentoring Tomorrow's Leaders Club

    Ms. Dennis- Advisor

    The MTL club works to train student mentors that will go on to be leaders in High School and beyond. The group also works with students who may be struggling academically or with peer relationships and in turn, trains these students to be tomorrow's leaders. The MTL club is a district sponsored club and students are able to go on a variety of field trips to enhance their experience. MTL meets on Monday from 4-5:15 p.m. with Ms. Dennis in room 136.


    Sophisticated Spartans Club

    Ms. Denise Moore- Advisor

    We will meet in room 162 twice a month (1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month) from 4:00-5:00 starting September 2nd (during crunch time it will be put on hold for after school tutoring).

    Sophisticated Spartans is a mentoring program for young ladies with a  mission is to empower young women to build self esteem, learn etiquette, practice team building, develop leadership skills and confidence as ell as, explore the “real world” by learning the value of community service. Through 15 sessions facilitated by Ms. Sayles,  there will be several “girl talk’s.” Girl Talk provides the curriculum of life lessons used for open discussions and one-on-one chats. Each year a child will receive a certificate for completing the program and a gold star that represents leadership, responsibility, perseverance and growth.   



    Dr. Ken Strattan- Advisor

    Please accept our invitation to join band. Participating in Beginning Band here at Margate Middle is fun and rewarding. It is open to all incoming students and once you join you become part of our band family. Our band family is quite large and currently has 200 members. Needless to say we are an integral part of Margate Middle School. Most of our students come to us not knowing how to play an instrument. That is okay, because that is what band is for. We teach you how to play an instrument. We also teach you how to perform. Each year our band performs for the school’s Holiday Concert.  We also perform for the school’s academic awards night, our annual talent show, and end of the year spring concert just to name a few.

    Once you join, we will help you pick an instrument. Currently most of our students play flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, or percussion. We also have a few violins, oboes, baritone horns, French horns, bass players and guitar players. If you do not own an instrument, we can help you with that. There are many places, including the school, from which you can rent an instrument for the school year at a very low cost. Less than 10 cents a day!

    It is that simple. If you want to develop your musical talents and meet lots of new people join up and reach for the stars.




    Ms. Jonie Bynes- Advisor

    The Florida Future Educators of America was established to help students explore careers in education and to recognize and respect those who choose education for their career.  New members are always welcome.  This club meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month in Room 143, 3:50PM - 4:50 PM. For more information contact
    The club’s objectives are as follows:

    To strive to interest students in the field of education
    To recruit students from diverse backgrounds to the field of education
    To promote academic achievement, positive self-image, and leadership
    To promote a positive image of education to students, parents and the community  


    Morning Announcements Club

    Mr. Toussaint, Mr. Mejia- Advisors

    The Morning Announcements crew meet at 7:45 a.m. in the TV studio to work on the morning announcements which are broadcast at 9:15 a.m. The crew pulls together all the news from around the campus, writes the show, rehearses the show and then records the show for later broadcast.  If you are gregarious and would like this outlet for your creativity, be sure to see Mr. Mejia or Mr. Toussaint to try out for the morning show crew.


    SECME Club

    Ms. Nekeisha Williams- Advisor

    The SECME club involves itself in technology rich competitions within the district with an aim on national competitions. Students learn how to access information that will enable them to become budding engineers. The club meets every other week as announced on the Morning Announcements. Students will come away with a strong sense of camaraderie and an outlet for their math and science skills in the form of electronics and robotics projects.



    Ms. Daniel Singer- Advisor

    The Margate Middle Knowledge Bowl Team competes against other Broward County middle schools in a social studies competition consisting of: US history, world history, current events, American government and geography questions. The Knowledge Bowl team forms in February and we practice twice weekly until the competition on April 1, 2015 at Dillard High School. Last year, we had 6th and 7th graders on the team. Students of all grades are welcome to  participate on the Margate Middle Knowledge Bowl team.  Sponsor Mr. Singer update 10/2014


    Mr. Tommy Moore- Advisor

    The National Junior Honor Society strives to create an enthusiasm for academic scholarship, render service to the surrounding community, promote leadership, nourish character development, and advance the work of the NJHS among all members.  Members participate in community service projects while promoting academic achievement and the importance of knowledge in the lives of students.  Membership is by induction in May of each year.  Meetings are the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays in the Media Center at 3:50 PM. Mr. Moore is the sponsor.

    Requirements for joining the National Junior Honor Society:

    At least one semester of attendance at Margate Middle School.
    Maintain enrollment during the second semester of 7th, and 8th.
    Achieve a grade point average of at least 3.5 for the most recent semester.
    Maintain a positive disciplinary record at Margate Middle School
    Respect must be shown to teachers, staff, and other students in school and the community.
    Involvement in school and community activities is required.
    After an invitation has been extended, an information packet must be completed and turned in for consideration.

    The student must perform appropriate community service and uphold the five ideals of the Nation Junior Honor Society.
    Every fall, four officers are elected. The former officers will mentor the new officers in their duties. The four offices are:  President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.
    Officers meet one more Wednesday each month and attend county officer meetings at Plantation High School one Thursday a month.
    The student must maintain at least a 3.5 Grade Point Average.
    Students may only miss two meetings and must have a way home on time after each meeting. 

    Literary Arts Club

    Mrs. Noel Campbell, Mr Tommy Moore- Advisors

    Students in the poetry club work to create original works that reflect their take on the world at large. A variety of poetic forms are introduced as students learn to express their true emotions in print. Students also learn to recognize elements of a successful poem by studying famous poetry in depth and performing said poetry as part of school wide events. This club meets once a week on Monday's.



    Mr. Mejia- Advisor

    The mission of the Robotics Club is to provide a learning environment conducive to developing academically and technologically students.  Robotics Club promotes team and skill building opportunities. Although students works as teams, each individual make contribution in the creating and building process. Working in groups to plan and implement teacher directed tasks. Members will meet twice a month to work on assembling and programming robots. In addition the Robotics Club will conduct weekly reflections on what was learned and accomplished during Robotics Club time. Students participating in the Robotics Club will experience a fun, creative hands-on learning experience, builds self-esteem, confidence and utilize science and technology to problem solve.



    Ms. Gabriella Bennett- Advisor

    The Student Council is a student organization elected by Margate Middle students to represent the Margate Middle School Student Body. As such, Student Council is committed to representing the Margate Middle School student community whose members demonstrate personal responsibility and leadership. They are here to provide outstanding service to our school and community.

    Once elected, Student Council Members are enthusiastic leaders who take their roles seriously. Student Council members meet the 1st, 3rd and 5th Tuesdays of the month from 4-5p.m.. At the meetings, they discuss planned agendas relating to various activities led by Council leaders. 

    The Student Council plays a very important role at Margate Middle School. They help share ideas and concerns with the teachers and the principal. They help the students raise funds for school wide projects. They assist the community when needed. Being on the Student Council is also something that helps our students become responsible and active members of our community. Some of our events are: Boo-grams, Math-a-thon for St. Jude’s, Student Government Day, Jingle Bell Jog, Red Ribbon Week, Wacky Olympics, Talent Show and much more!