Principal's Message

  • I am so proud of the wonderful accomplishments of the students and staff at our school! Here are just a few of the many amazing things happening at Bayview: 

    * Recognition by Governor Scott for our 3-5 grade students being in the state’s top 1% in ELA proficiency, top 3% in Math proficiency, and top 12% in Science proficiency on the FSA. 

    * Strong infusion of STEM and Robotics instruction at all grade levels. 

    * Easy technology accessibility for all students, with 1:1 ratio for student-to-laptop availability in grades 3-5. 

    * Student winners in various competitions: 

    o Japanese Poetry 

    o STEM 

    o Choral Performances 

    o Miami Dolphins Punt, Pass, Kick Program 

    o Community Challenges throughout Fort Lauderdale and Broward County 

    All our staff members take tremendous pride in providing strong early literacy skills development, which is the foundation for our exceptional mastery of state standards. Our educational program is differentiated to meet the needs of each individual student, and provides rich exposure to integrated content that is supported by community experiences, guest speakers, and field explorations. Most importantly, we are a community of learners with strong relationships between students, parents, and staff. Our menu of programs is enhanced by the amazing support of our PTA, through generous donations of time, talents, and funds. I look forward to meeting you soon as a new member of our Bayview Family! 




    Tonya E. Frost 

    Proud Principal 

    Bayview Elementary