Principal's Message

  • Principal Paula Peters

    Dear Falcon Community,

    I am elated to be embarking on another school year. This year will be our year… The Year of The Falcon!  Here at Flanagan High School, we will strive to develop our inner strength, thrive in and out of school, increase our ability to adapt in all situations and engage in problem solving skills daily. It is my hope that each student that walks the halls here at Flanagan High school will have the opportunity to level up and grow one step closer into the human being they strive to become.

    This is our year to grow and increase the strength of the school. It is my hope that all students and their families get involved in the culture, activities, and academics here at Flanagan. We have over 50 clubs and athletics to choose from. Our school is expanding with many new and innovative programs that will allow students to expand their interests and tap into a newfound talent. The way a student ‘thrives’ when they connect with a club, team or educator here on campus is beyond what I could put into words.

    My main objective is to create endless opportunities that will support all students to be successful in and out of the classroom.  We have a very diverse culture of students and faculty members, and this allows everyone to adapt and grow. As a mom of three children, I know all too well the challenges that our children face daily. As your principal, I know that delivering innovative learning and high educational standards for every student is vital.

    I enjoy getting to know each student that walks the Flanagan halls and encourage you to reach out and connect with myself or my administrative team. I encourage everyone to take a moment and reflect on how they wish to move forward this year. How can you contribute to your own success and leave your mark on Flanagan High School?

    This year is the Year of The Falcon!