Principal's Message

  • Principal Paula Peters Dear Falcon Community,
    It is with great pleasure and relief that I get to welcome you back to a face to face 2021-2022 school year! I am honored to serve as the Principal of Charles W. Flanagan High School and to be a part of this prestigious school community. Serving as your principal during the e-learning experience has made me proud of all of you.  We all experienced unique and challenging situations but, we came together and accomplished many wonderful things.  I have spent time listening to many students and their families, and I can assure you that my focus this year is to “Make the Connection” at all levels with as many students as possible. 

    Here at Flanagan High School we take the time to invest in all aspects of each student. As young adults, you bring so much beauty and talent to our campus.  This year I am asking you to take the time to care about yourself and others. Capitalize on the opportunity to listen to each other and delve into deeper communication with fellow peers and teachers.

    Here at Flanagan, we will continue to provide a strong culture of caring, innovative learning, and high educational standards for every student. It is my firm belief that by establishing long-lasting relationships between this school and the families it serves, every child can achieve high academic success; this, in turn, builds trust and self-esteem in our students and what they believe they can achieve. In the spirit of transparency, I am devoted to exploring new ideas to meet the needs of all students, teachers, parents, and the community. It is the Falcon spirit to lead with perseverance and tenacity in every difficult situation.

    We are entering a time when we all need to focus on more than just learning how to solve difficult math problems or answering higher level reading questions.  Think about how you can contribute to your success and leave your mark on the Falcon community.  As Falcons we will rise above all adversity and soar.  My desire for all of you is that you SOAR HIGH in the direction of your dreams. I can assure you that, your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly!