• The Broward County Middle School Athletic Association (MSAA) of Broward County Public Schools is committed to building leaders through sportsmanship, citizenship, and fair play. MSAA currently oversees 59 public and charter middle schools and 8 different sports. The MSAA sports are Soccer, Cross Country, Golf, Basketball, Track & Field Events, Flag Football, Volleyball, and Floorball.  

    All student-athletes must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA.  Students who fall below this standard are ineligible to play.

  • Athletics play an important part in a child's life. Team sports and activities promote good physical health, social skills, and communication skills. When students learn to work together as a team, they build a foundation for good sportsmanship. 

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  • Welcome to Lyons Creek Middle School Athletics! We are excited to offer a variety of sports opportunities for our middle school students to participate in and showcase their athletic abilities. Our goal is to promote teamwork, physical fitness, and sportsmanship while fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among our student-athletes.

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Behavior Expectations

  • The following guidelines and policies will govern any athlete that is a member of the Lyons Creek MS Athletic Program. Being a member of our athletic program is a privilege and not a right. By modeling responsible behavior, our student-athletes can make a tremendous contribution to our school.

    1.         All student-athletes will conduct themselves in a manner that coincides with the guidelines listed in the Broward County Code of Student Conduct or the student-athlete may be dismissed from the team.

    2.         All student-athletes are expected to always conduct themselves in a respectful and courteous manner in the classroom, at practices, games, and during any team/school function, etc. or the student-athlete may be dismissed from the team.

    3.         Any student-athlete who is externally suspended from school will be automatically and immediately dismissed from the team, per administrative review.

    4.         Any student-athlete who receives internal suspension during a season may be subject to loss of playing time at the coach’s discretion.

    5.         It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to report to practice on time. Excessive tardiness to practice may result in a loss of playing time or dismissal from the team at the coach’s discretion.

    6.         Any student-athlete who accumulates two or more unexcused absences from practices or games may be dismissed from the team at the coach’s discretion.

    7.         To be eligible to play sports, all student-athletes must have an overall 2.0 GPA from the prior quarter and must have passed at least 5 out of 6 classes, per SBBC Policy. In addition, athletes must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA during the season. 

    8.         All student-athletes are expected to wear proper athletic attire for practice and games (athletic shirt, athletic shorts, and athletic shoes).  Student-Athletes are expected to be responsible for their own gear. Parent drop offs in the front office and/or during practice is discouraged.

Athletic Form Packet Requirement

  • In order to participate in any athletic tryouts or activities at Lyons Creek Middle School, students must have a completed athletic form packet submitted on or before the tryout date. The athletic form packet includes essential information and permissions necessary for a student's involvement in our athletic programs.
    Please ensure that all required forms within the packet are accurately completed and signed by both the student and a parent or guardian. The packet is inclusive and covers participation in all sports offered during the academic year.

Tryout Information

      • Specific tryout dates and times for each sport will be communicated to students in advance and posted here. We encourage all interested students to attend the tryouts and showcase their skills and dedication. Students selected for the teams will receive further information regarding practice schedules, game dates, and other pertinent details from their respective coaches.
        Join us in celebrating the spirit of athleticism and teamwork at Lyons Creek Middle School. Let's make this academic year an exciting and successful one in the world of sports!

        For any inquiries or additional information regarding middle school athletics at Lyons Creek Middle School, please contact the school's Athletic Director: jawara.senghor@browardschools.com.



  • Soccer
    Tryouts: 6th Grade – August 28th
                  7th Grade – August 29th
                  8th Grade – August 30th
    Season begins: September 6th

Cross Country

  • Cross Country

    Tryouts:  6th Grade – September 13th
                   7th Grade – September 14th
                   8th Grade – September 15th
    Season begins: September 26th


  • Golf
    Tryouts:  6th & 7th Grade – December 11th 
                      8th Grade – December 12th
    Season begins:


  • Basketball
    Tryouts: 6th Grade – September 18th
                  7th Grade – September 19th
                  8th Grade – September 20th
    Season begins: October 20th


  • Volleyball
    Tryouts:  6th Grade – November 1st 
                   7th Grade – November 3rd
                   8th Grade – November 9th
    Season begins: December 12th

Flag Football

  • Flag Football
    Tryouts: 6th Grade – December 4th 
                  7th Grade – December 5th
                  8th Grade – December 6th
                  2nd Cuts – December 7th
    Season begins: February 1st
    LCMS Floorball schedule

        Athletic Director: Jawara Senghor
        754 - 322 - 3700