What is SAC?

  • SAC Purpose

    • Each SAC shall actively participate in the preparation of the school’s annual budget and plan (F.S.C. 1001.452).
    • The SAC chairperson shall sign the school budget when it is submitted for district budget preparation as an indication of SAC participation.
    • A portion of fund provided in the annual General Appropriations Act for use by school advisory councils must be used for implementing the school improvement plan.
    • SACs will operate using established administrative guidelines, as determined by the Superintendent.

    SAC Membership Rules

    • Each school is required to establish a School Advisory Council (SAC) that is representative of the population served by the school. Per State statute (S 1001.452) a majority of the SAC members cannot be employees of the Broward County Public Schools.
    • SAC members must be elected by their peer groups (teachers by teachers, parents by parents, etc.). The business and community representatives are selected by the principal and approved by the SAC.
    • Once the SAC is established, its members elect their officers. Each SAC must have a SAC Chair or Chairs, a secretary, and a parent member designated as I-Zone representative. Other officers are elected according to each SAC’s bylaws.
    • The membership of each School Advisory shall be submitted online to the District Accountability Department by no later than October 31st of each year.
    • SAC membership is entered online in the SAC Membership/Attendance system.
    • Changes in SAC membership during the year must be reflected in the SAC meeting minutes and must be entered into the Online SAC Membership/Attendance System.