Principal's Message


    I am so honored to serve as the Proud Principal of Bair Middle School for the 2022-2023 school year. As we continue this school year, I am so excited about beginning a new era in Technology at BAIR ! All of our students will receive IPADS. This is EXCITING for Bair. These IPADS will be utilized throughout the year during instructional times in classrooms to enhance the learning experience for our children.

    Our theme is ONE BAIR, ONE SOUND: Stay Focused,Stay Committed, Stay Positive. This is a true representation of our school and focus for the year.

    I am so excited about the continuation of student success, building systemic partnerships and becoming a true staple in the Sunrise community. As we continue to celebrate the accomplishments this year, our focus will be developing students who are socially conscious, have a global perspective, and are academically successful. Teaching and learning are at the cornerstone of everything we do.

    The Bair Middle School Montessori Magnet program has expanded over the years to deliver a curriculum that is immersed in the Montessori philosophy of teaching and learning. Additionally, we are proud to announce that we have been approved as a STEM Innovative Program school, reinforcing our ability to infuse project-based learning and technology into our instruction, school-wide. We continue to expand our elective programs, year after year, with the addition of a Python certification program starting in the 7th grade and culminating in 8th. Bair will continue to offer Digital Tools, Journalism, Debate, Physical Education, Art, STEM, Cape Academy, Spanish and Band as electives. Bair offers high school credits for Geometry, Algebra, Spanish, Debate, and Digital Information Technology.

    As you can see, it is all about the B.A.I.R. (Bound for College and Career, Analytical thinker, Intelligent, Responsible person). After three years, high schools will receive a well-rounded student from Bair.

    Additionally, we are an Innovative Program for STEM as designated by the district which includes the Amazon Future Engineer program. This program is designed to provide students access to Computer Science education and prepare them for College and Career.

    I know Bair will succeed this year with the support of teachers, students, parents, and the community working together toward a common goal, which is student success.

    Finally, BAIR is READY !! Your students will receive the highest quality instruction this year with your support. Keep supporting Bair middle school, WE need YOU!!!

    Have a Great Year!!!!


    Dr. Keietta Givens