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  • Principal Ryan AtwoodFalcon Family,

    On behalf of the faculty and staff, I would like to thank you for a phenomenal 2023-2024 school year.  We are so proud of the growth that our students demonstrated this year, both academically and emotionally.  Our students fully owned our “Job’s Not Finished” theme, and put it into action each day as they worked to get better.  As a school, we had tremendous growth, which was quantified in the areas that our school is rated by the state.  I have included some of the highlights below (based on our calculations):

    English Language Arts (ELA): 58% Proficiency (2-point increase from 22-23)
    Math: 56% Proficiency (10-point increase from 22-23)
    Science: 51% Proficiency (7-point increase from 22-23)
    Civics: 70% Proficiency (5-point increase from 22-23 & highest Civics scores in our school’s history)  
    Middle School Acceleration: 79% (1-point increase from 22-23)
    ELA Learning Gains: 58% (Highest in the past 10 years)
    ELA Lowest Quartile Learning Gains: 49% (Highest in the past 10 years)
    Math Learning Gains: 62% (Highest in the past 6 years)
    Math Lowest Quartile Learning Gains: 54% (Highest in the past 6 years)

    As you can see, this year, we set the bar high, and next year, we will work to surpass these new goals.  We increased in all five areas that were scored by the state last year!  The state has not released the criteria that will be used for school grades, but we are excited for our grade to be released.

    We are looking forward to an exciting 2024-2025 school year as we welcome our incoming 6th graders into the Sunrise Middle School Family.  Over the summer, I have scheduled some availability for school tours for incoming students and families.  If you are interested, please sign up using the link below.
















    I trust this message finds you well. As we dive into the second half of the school year, I want to take a moment to reflect on the remarkable journey we've had during the first semester at Sunrise Middle School.

    It has been truly inspiring to witness the growth and positive experiences our students have encountered. The commitment and hard work of both our students and teachers have set the tone for an exceptional academic environment. From academic achievements to personal development, each student has played a crucial role in making Sunrise a vibrant and dynamic community.

    Now, as we shift our focus to the second half of the year, I want to emphasize the significance of this period for continued growth and exploration. The upcoming months bring numerous opportunities for learning, discovery, and personal development. It's a chance for our students to build upon the strong foundation they've laid in the first semester.

    Our school theme, "Job's Not Finished," serves as a powerful reminder that our journey is ongoing. The second half of the year offers fresh chances to face new challenges and seize opportunities for personal and academic advancement.

    Parents, your ongoing support is invaluable, and I encourage you to stay engaged with your child's education. Whether through open communication with teachers, participation in school activities, or simply being present in your child's academic journey, your involvement makes a significant impact.

    Students, as you navigate new challenges and opportunities in the coming months, remember that each experience is an opportunity to learn and grow. Stay focused, be curious, and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead.

    Together, as a united school community, let us live out our school theme - "Job's Not Finished." I am confident that the second half of the year will be filled with even more achievements and positive moments. Thank you for your continued partnership, and let's make the rest of the school year truly exceptional.

    Wishing you all a successful and fulfilling second semester!


    Ryan Atwood Principal Sunrise Middle School
















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