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    The PTA Board for 2018-2019

    Mary Donovan, President

    Dedrie Ferenc, 1st VP

    Christine Katsikas, 2nd VP

    AnnMarie Lattke, Secretary

    Jacqueline Strauss, Treasurer


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    Thank You Broward County Public Schools Volunteer

    Greetings Everyone,
    Thank you for your dedication and commitment as a Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) Volunteer. 
    Our volunteers make a difference and we look forward to your continuous involvement! 
    We encourage volunteers who have not been active to renew your commitment to BCPS, and get involved this year! 
    To connect with a school, email us at

    *** Volunteer Background Check Update***Please note that Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) has changed the rules for the volunteer background check! "In our continued effort to maintain a safe and secure environment for BCPS students, all volunteers must complete the online application for the new school year!" Even if you volunteered last school year, you will need to re-apply again this school year. It is very quick & simple to complete.

    Go To: Volunteer Application

    All volunteers must complete the online application for the 2018/19 school year. This process facilitates a safe and secure environment for students, as well as updates our volunteer information through the maintenance of accurate records. Visit BCPS Get Involved to complete the application form and to receive approval.

    We are sincerely grateful for your support, which positively influences our students’ academic, social and emotional growth.