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    Cambridge AICE Exams and College Credits

    Both Cambridge AS and A Levels are considered college level courses of study, and students passing these examinations with a Cambridge grade of E or higher may receive college credit or advanced standing based on their scores in these examinations from universities throughout the United States and all public universities and colleges in Florida.

    Please note that each US university sets its own policy and students are advised to directly contact the admissions office at the university of interest to learn its credit by examination policy for GCE / International AS and A Levels which are also known as “Cambridge AICE” exams. College credit is typically awarded based on each subject and examination grade earned.

    AICE Curriculum and Bright Futures

    Students who earn an AICE diploma, based on AICE exams taken prior to high school graduation, complete the community service requirement, and submit their Florida Financial Aid Applications will earn the Florida Academic Scholars award.

    AICE Courses

    The Cambridge AICE Diploma involves the selection of subjects from three curriculum areas – Mathematics and Science; Languages Arts; Arts and Humanities.

    An A Level would count as a double-credit qualification and an AS Level as a full (single) credit course within the Cambridge AICE Diploma award framework. To be considered for an AICE Diploma, a candidate must earn the equivalent of 7 credits by passing a combination of examinations at either the full (one credit) AS Level or double (two credits) A Level, with at least one course coming from each of the three curriculum areas. The examinations are administered in April/May/June and October/November sessions each year. A candidate working towards the Cambridge AICE Diploma may use up to five sessions to take the equivalent of 7 full credit examinations as long as they are taken within a 25-month period (3 school years).


    CATEGORY 4: Global Perspectives (This course counts as one of the three flexible credits towards the AICE Diploma.)

    If I don’t earn an AICE Diploma:

    Students receive credits when they pass the course. The additional weight on the GPA is similar to AP and that is, only earned with a C or above. Colleges award credit on a subject basis according to grades earned on individual examinations passed. Students do not have to complete the 7 points for the Cambridge diploma option in order to receive these credits.

    For more information:

    Assistant Principal of Advanced Academics:
    Jennifer Roca

    Cambridge (AICE) Coordinator:
    Suzanne Moody