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  • Regular attendance is a key factor in a child's academic success. Regular attendance is when a student attends more than 95% of the academic school year; this can include up to 8 absences in a 180-day school year.

    The Florida Legislature finds the association with poor academic performance and nonattendance to be so important that each school district must take an active role in promoting attendance as a means of improving student performance. The State also finds that early interventions are the most effective way of producing good attendance habits that will lead to improved student learning and achievement.

Excusing an Absence

  • Each parent* of a child within compulsory attendance age is responsible for the child's school attendance. When a child must be absent, the parent must report the reason for absence to their school's Attendance Manager.

    To report your child's absence, the District offers three options:

    Option 1: Online Absence Form

    From your child's school website, under CONTACT on the main menu, select "Report an Absence." Click the "Report Absence Online" link at the top of the page to fill out the form. 

    A copy of the form will go to the school's Attendance Manager and to the custodial parent(s) who have an email address listed with the school. 

    Option 2: Attendance Hotline

    On the "Report an Absence" page, call the Attendance Hotline for your child's school and leave a message that includes the same information listed below for sending a note to school. 

    Option 3: Note for the Attendance Manager

    A written note can be delivered to the Attendance Manager to excuse an absence. Check with the school's main office for delivery information. Include the following information on the note:

    1. Student's first and last name
    2. Student ID or birth date
    3. Grade level (include the teacher's name for elementary students)
    4. Date(s) of absence
    5. Reason for absence
    6. Parent first and last name
    7. Parent contact information

    * Parent includes either or both parents of a student, any guardian of a student, any person in a parental relationship to a student, or any person exercising supervisory authority over a student in place of a parent.


Contact Information

  • BCPS Attendance Office

    1400 NW 14th Court

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311

    Phone: 754-321-1623

    Fax: --

    TTL: --

    Phone: --

    Phillip Shaver

    Coordinator, District Attendance

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