Attendance during eLearning

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Daily Attendance

  • Regular attendance is an important leading indicator that helps predict academic success. As our school community continues the 2020/21 school year in the virtual and face-to-face settings, students are expected to attend eLearning during their scheduled class times. Student cameras are required during attendance and direct instruction, but not for the entire period.

    Students will be recorded as present when they are in attendance with their camera on when the teacher records attendance.

    An absence will be recorded when a student is not seen by their teacher during their scheduled class time unless there are extenuating circumstances that have been communicated to the teacher.

    • Teachers will indicate a student "did not turn on camera" in the notes section of the attendance book. Students will be recorded absent unexcused (AU) if they do not turn on their camera.

    Teachers should be flexible and take into account the individual student's extenuating circumstances for attendance.

Grades K-5 Attendance

    • The homeroom teacher will record student attendance in Pinnacle. Parents are encouraged to monitor their child's attendance using the BCPS Mobile App.
    • Student attendance will be recorded during direct instruction.
    • The student must be present with their camera on during direct instruction to be counted as Present.
    • Students who are late to class will be recorded as Tardy (unexcused).
    • A student who is not present during instruction will be recorded as Absent (unexcused).

Grades 6-12 Attendance

    • Teachers will record student attendance during each class. Parents are encouraged to monitor their child's attendance using the BCPS Mobile App.
    • The student must be present with their camera on during direct instruction to be counted as Present for each class.
    • Students who are late to their scheduled class will be recorded as Tardy (unexcused).
    • A student who is not present during instruction will be recorded as Absent (unexcused).

Parents: Reporting an Excused Absence

  •  Report an Excused Absence Online

    Parents are encouraged to report the reason for absence to the school's attendance manager.

    Using the Online Absence Reporting Form on your child's school website, under Contact in the main menu, select "Report an Absence."

    Parents will receive an emailed copy of the submitted form. The submitted form will be reviewed by the attendance manager.

    BCPS Mobile App

    The BCPS Mobile App includes real-time attendance for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Parents are encouraged to monitor daily student attendance to ensure that their child's attendance is accurate. 

    Report an Absence by Phone: Attendance Line

    Parents may report a reason for absence by phone using the school's attendance line, posted on the "Report an Absence" page of the school's website.


Contact Information

  • BCPS Attendance Office

    1400 NW 14th Court

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311

    Phone: 754-321-1623

    Fax: --

    TTL: --

    Phone: --

    Phillip Shaver

    Coordinator, District Attendance

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