Assistant Principal's Messsage

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  • Welcome back to the 2019-20 academic school year.  I consider it a privilege and honor to be a member of the Pine Ridge Education Center’s community and family.  Pine Ridge has a unique opportunity to help students make constructive changes to their lives, both academic and behavioral.  I am overjoyed to be part of such an important educational endeavor.   It is difficult for me to contain my excitement about working under the leadership of Dr. Henry Brown.  His commitment to improving the lives of children is second to none.

    Through Dr. Brown’s leadership, our dedicated staff, committed students, supportive parents, and outstanding partners, we will do everything in our power to prepare our students to meet the needs of a 21st Century learner.  "Oh the Places We Will Go."  Thank you.

    Respectfully yours,  

    Tara J. Pasteur