Arrival and Dismissal

  • Only 10% of the students enrolled at Central Park Elementary ride the bus to school. That means about 800 students walk, ride their bikes, or are driven through the school entrance each morning and afternoon!

    The number of students entering and exiting the school at the same time makes it necessary for all of us to work together to make arrival and dismissal times as safe as possible for everyone.

    The school entrance is located on Cleary Blvd. The Nob Hill entrances are for buses and service vehicles only.

    Parents and students are expected to follow all instructions given by crossing guards, police officers, school employees, and traffic volunteers.

    Parents and students are expected to obey all Florida traffic laws or face potential traffic citations from the Plantation Police Department.

    Parents may walk children to class during the first week of school. After the first week of school, students are responsible for walking to class on their own from the school gates. Parents should help children practice finding their classroom during the first week of school.

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