Principal's Message

  • Philip Bullock

    Good Day Flamingo Family,

    Our year is passing quickly, but it has

    been jam packed with wonderful events and opportunities

    for our students. Our Batty Bash event was a HUGE success,

    with close to 1,000 visitors enjoying this after-hours

    Halloween themed event. Due to the huge turnout, we are

    already planning for next year to make it even bigger and

    better. For the second year in a row, Flamingo Elementary

    was adopted by Suburu of Pembroke Pines, where tens of

    thousands of dollars in school supplies were donated to our


    Our gardening club, under the direction of Ms.

    Morin and Ms. Balanoff is off to a great start. Our school was

    awarded approximately $100,000 as a reward by the State of

    Florida for achieving an "A" Grade by the Florida

    Department of Education. Our Faculty and Staff voted to

    give a portion of this money to our children to fund our

    annual "A Plus Carnival" at the end of the school year, and

    for next year since there will not be school grades this year.

    Our Debate Team is up and running under the direction of

    Ms. V. Rodriguez, and our Student Council representatives

    and officers have been elected under the direction of Mr.


    As we move into the Thanksgiving Holiday Season, I want to

    wish my Flamingo Family a very happy and healthy

    Thanksgiving Holidays. On my long list of things that I am

    thankful for, my Flamingo Family is on that list. I truly

    appreciate the enormous support that you have shown for

    my direction and vision for Flamingo Elementary. It has been

    a joy serving our students and our community.



    Philip Bullock - Principal