Scholarships - Payday at the Bay

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  • College is expensive, but there is good news – a lot of free money is available! Here you’ll find out how to access scholarships that could help you pay for tuition, books, and other education-related expenses. For information on Scholarships, contact Shari Bush or Dr. Kristina Taylor via our School Staff Directory. You can also do a search for scholarships in Naviance! You will only be eligible for scholarship money if you apply! Be sure you’ve completed the FAFSA, as many scholarship applications require it.

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Naviance Student

  • Broward County Public Schools is providing Naviance Student for all district students in grades 6-12 to help with college and career planning!  This world-class system is designed to inform students, parents, and schools with:

    • Researching careers, colleges, and majors
    • Finding local and national scholarships and enrichment programs
    • Exploring students’ career interests, learning styles, personality types, and multiple intelligences
    • Building resumes and holistic portfolios for job and college applications
    • Setting goals and developing personalized plans for success
    • Requesting and sending transcripts. 
    • Learning about success skills, financial planning, self-discovery, and building a support network

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    Log on to Naviance Student

    All students in grades 6-12 in district schools have access to Naviance Student. Students will log in with their Single Sign On (SSO) account.

    Parents, you may access your child’s Naviance Student account as a guest to view college and career information. You will need an access code to view the account. Access codes may be obtained from our School Counselor.