• Dear Bulldog Family,

    Welcome to the 2023-24 school year!

    We hope to see you at whichever of our meetings and events you can make it to, since we are #StrongerTogether and we have fun together!

    Our continued goals for this year are to:

    • Put together and pay for a School Beautification Project
    • Coordinate Volunteers for Bulldog Boot Camp, Athletics Golf Tournament, Athletic Awards Presentation, Volunteer Opportunities for Students and more
    • Coordinate Volunteers and Donations for Staff Appreciation Week
    • Come together for our school to support events for Homecoming Week and any other things as needed

    In order to do it, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

    We plan to raise funds for our projects through:

    • Annual Membership Dues and Donations
    • T-shirt Sales of our awesome, soft, red and black school shirts (order form attached)
    • SAT/ACT Proctored Practice Exams

    ARE YOU READY to join us?

    Getting involved is easy -

    1. Support us simply by paying your dues each year and making a donation if possible
    2. Turn in your Annual Membership Form with your annual dues ($10/year)

              Note: New Membership Form is not needed for renewals, simply send in your annual dues payment to renew

    1. Link with us to keep informed about upcoming meetings and events so you can join us

                How to Link with us:

                -Download the smart phone app called "Band" and search for our group called "South Broward High School PTSO". Then request to join the group. This is the best way to stay informed with timely information.

              -Also, for your student: we have an additional group on the Band app called “South Broward High School PTSO Sign Up” where students can find opportunities to volunteer.  Make sure to set up your profile on Band displaying your first and last name. Thank you!

    1. Register as a Volunteer through Broward County Schools: https://www.browardschools.com/volunteer
    2. Volunteer your time - join us for meetings, help with planning and SHOW UP for our Bulldog Community!

    Many of us work so everyone is understanding – come when you can! No pressure.


    Thank you for your support! #StongerTogether

    Any questions?

    Contact Us: PTSOsbhs@gmail.com

    Yes! We can! We are…#SOUTHBROWARD!

  • South Broward High School PTSO Mission Statement

    The purpose of the South Broward High School PTSO is to strengthen our school community inside and outside of school by bringing parents, teachers, students and the administration closer together through parent inclusion and involvement in school related activities. PTSO will further be a vehicle through which parents will come together to support our students, teachers and administration by assisting with various needs of our school financially and through volunteering.