Mr. Williams
  • Dear Parents, Students, and Community Partners, 

    As you know, all staff and students are currently back to school, face-to-face. Driftwood Middle has prepared the campus by adding signage and plexiglass in high-traffic areas to ensure that physical distancing on campus is being followed at all times. We encourage you to continue to remind your child of the importance of following the guidelines and wearing a mask while at school. 

    It is very important that you are regularly checking your child’s grade in Pinnacle for each of their classes. Your interest and concern in their school progress will motivate them to do their best.  Also, maintain contact with your child’s teachers and staff members to help establish a successful home/school partnership.  

    We will continue to provide you with updates via Parent Link to ensure you are able to support your child’s learning and progress as the quarter continues.  

    Stay safe. 

    Steven J. Williams, Principal