PTSO President's Message

  • Welcome back to the new school year at Croissant Park Elementary.  The relationships between students and teachers, as well as parents and families, has a major impact on student success. Working collaboratively, parents, teachers and students can build a solid school community that supports students, staff, and families, while providing vital support for academic and enrichment activities. The Croissant Park PTSO is only possible through the commitment and efforts of our Crusader families. Your support of the Parent Teacher Student Organization will help preserve CPE as a remarkable community for students, teachers, and parents. We are very excited about what the future will bring and we think the best is yet to come!  Croissant Park PTSO is looking forward to working alongside our dedicated and committed Crusader families. Please do not hesitate to contact your PTSO at if we can be of any assistance to your family, or if you need additional information.


    With love and support,


    Anna Rysedorph

    Julie Greenaway

    Lina Marquez

    Rachel Kwee

    Alba Johnson