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     The International Baccalaureate Program (IB) was established in Europe in 1968 as a means of providing an education recognized around the world. Today, the IB program is offered in over 2200 high schools in 138 countries. Extremely rigorous, with high academic standards, the IB program is designed to promote international awareness and understanding, tolerance and compassion, making IB students responsible citizens of their community and worldwide leaders.

    The IB Program Offers:

    1) Academic rigor- Students learn how to comprehend, analyze, and reach thoughtful conclusions on complex issues, literary works, scientific experimentation, and the fundamental acquisition of knowledge. Diploma candidates function at a level of first and second-year college students.

    2) Comprehensiveness- Students encounter rigor throughout all disciplines. They define areas of strength, and developmentally improve areas of weakness.

    3) Internationalism- The program encourages students to think globally and the curriculum is based on international standards. Coursework and exams are graded by an international team of examiners.

    4) Highly skilled and credentialed instructors with specialized IB training.

    5) Classes with peers sharing common ambitions.

    6) Consistent application of critical thinking skills to a wide range of subject matter.

    7) Students receiving the IB Diploma automatically qualify for the highest level of Bright Futures Scholarship.

    8) Florida universities value IB students and offer up to 30 semester hours of credit for students earning the IB diploma.

      9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
    Language A Pre-IB English 1 Advanced Placement English Language IB English 3 IB English 4


    (All students will test Higher Level (HL) in English 4)

    Language B Pre-IB Spanish 1, 2 or 3 or Pre-IB French 1, 2 or 3 depending on previous language classes Pre-IB Spanish 2, 3 or A.P. Spanish Language.


    Pre-IB French 2, 3 or IB French 4.

    Pre-IB Spanish 3, IB Spanish 4. AP Spanish Language


    Pre-IB French 3 or IB French 4 or AP French Language

    IB Spanish 4 or 5


    IB French 4 or 5

    (Students in Spanish or French 5 have the option of testing HL)

    Individuals and Society AP World History AP American History IB History of Europe IB Contemporary History (All students will test Higher Level in History)
    Experimental Sciences Pre-IB Biology 1, AP Environmental Science Pre-IB Chemistry 1 IB Biology 2 or IB Chemistry 2 IB Biology III, IB Chem. III, or A.P. Physics. (Students will have the option to take HL Biology)
    Mathematics Honors Algebra, Honors Geometry or Honors Algebra II Honors Algebra II, IB Statistics and Differential Calculus (For Math Studies), IB Pre Calculus (For IB Math SL) IB Statistics and Differential Calculus (For Math Studies), IB Pre-Calculus (For Math SL) or IB Math Studies, IB Math SL (Students in IB Math Studies or IB Math SL will test out in Standard Level (SL) this year) IB Math Studies or IB Math SL


    (All the students will test Standard Level)

    Elective Options Art, Drama, Journalism


    (News  &


    Personal Fitness, Health, Computer classes, Fine Art Option IB Psychology


    IB Theatre Arts

    AP Music

    IB Theory of Knowledge


    *Students will choose Psychology or Theatre Arts as their elective option.  They may also choose a second Science class.

    AP Gov./Econ.,


    IB Psych II or IB Theatre II,

    IB Theory of Knowledge 2


    The student will be in the Middle Years Program (MYP) in the first 2 years at Miramar.  They will be required to complete a Personal Project in the 10th grade.


    TOK is a course that examines the meaning of knowledge and emphasizes the coherence of the curriculum.  Students explore the relationships between various disciplines and critically reflect on the nature of the knowledge they have gained in and outside the classroom.  This critical reflection is intended to promote growth as well as extend the larger scope of international understanding.


    Diploma candidates are required to submit an independent research essay of approximately 4,000 words.  The essay, its topic is chosen from one of the six IB subject areas, is written with the limited guidance of a qualified instructor.


    The IB, in its pursuit of educating the whole person, encourages students to be involved in activities outside the classroom.  Students are required to engage in 150 hours of creative, physical and community service activities.

    For more information, please contact the Magnet Coordinator, John Lamb.