Principal's Message


    Dear Parents and Students:

    Welcome to Miramar High School's Curriculum Guide! This curriculum guide is designed to acquaint parents and students with the course offerings at Miramar High School. We provide academic opportunities for every child while fostering motivation and engagement. Teaching and learning is truly our most important work!

    Miramar High School offers a wide variety of course offerings and special programs. Our course offerings allow each student to complete a high school program designed around the student’s needs and interests. Whether you are a member of the International Baccalaureate Program, Aviation Program, or a member of one of our 15 career and technical programs, Miramar High School offers a wide variety of courses for all interests. We currently offer 22 dual enrollment classes on our campus through Embry Riddle University and Florida International University! All students will be provided engaging educational opportunities through a rigorous curriculum, innovative technology, and involvement in our diverse community. We strive to produce responsible citizens who contribute to the present and excel in the future.

    We believe that students make the best choices after reading this curriculum guide and discussing their potential career goals and post-secondary opportunities with their parents. Our goal is to prepare all of our students for postsecondary success. Please read this information carefully. Students will meet with their counselor to select courses. The counselor will help the student plan a program that satisfies the graduation requirements and reflects the student’s goals.

    We encourage you to work closely with your child to ensure that they take advantage of their opportunities, fulfill their responsibilities, and make the most of their experience at Miramar High School. At Miramar High School, we strive for academic excellence and are committed to the success of each student.


     Loli Formoso