• The Nova News crew delivers morning announcements live to the entire school.  

    It is comprised of 2 anchors, 2 special announcement leaders, a camera person, a technology supervisor and an on-location crew member.  

    Students apply at the end of their fourth grade year for these positions. All applications are submitted to their teachers.  

    All crew members are fifth grade students.

    This club is managed by Mr. Lormeus and Ms. Moore.

    2022-2023 Nova News Crew are:

    Sophie and Armani- Camera

    Milan and Piper- Special Announcements 

    Gabriela- Special Announcements

    Jaida - Character Trait

    Muriel - Anchor

    Tahrick - Anchor

    Braden - Technology 

    This link will take you to our channel with our news recordings.

    Nova news Crew