• Magnet Program Logo

    The vision of our Magnet Program is to prepare students to be successful in a global and increasingly competitive environment by offering a rigorous and relevant curriculum.  The Magnet Programs are designed for students from sixth through eighth grade.
    ALL Magnet Students are required to dress in the attire that represents their unique program.  Our principal, Ms. Winston-Davis emphasizes the importance of making good impressions and wants our students to highlight their aspirations. 


    The Pre-Law & Public Affairs Program is geared toward establishing and enhancing critical thinkers, while building and improving Language and Reading Skills.  Law Studies is a rigorous course that requires an enormous amount of reading and the ability to analyze critical information and formulate solutions that will be fair and just in accordance with our legal system.  The highlight of the Pre-Law Program is the Mock Trial we compete in twice a year.  The Mock Trial helps students gain an understanding of the legal system by providing opportunities to collaborate with Nova Law students and attorneys from distinguished law firms in the community. 

    *Pre-Law students must come dressed in their Law vest embroidered with the Pre-Law logo, along with a white button down collared dress shirt and black or blue dress slacks or skirt.


    • 6th Grade – Introduction to Law Studies, Law Studies I
    • 7th Grade – Constitutional Law & Criminal Law, Law Studies II
    • 8th Grade – Street Law, Law Studies (High School Course) 


    The Pre-Medical Science Magnet Program will provide students with opportunities for in-depth exploration and investigation of careers and responsibilities in medical professions on a daily basis.  There will be stimulating hands on activities, laboratory experiments, field trips, guest speakers and competitions throughout the year.  Our objective is for students to gain knowledge and understanding of the medical field through intense research and practice.   Students apply what they learn in a state-of- the-art medical classroom that replicates a hospital emergency room.

    *Pre-Medical students must wear royal blue medical scrubs on Magnet Professional Dress Days (every Monday and Friday) and specified field trips.


    • 6th Grade - Orientation to Health Sciences
    • 7th Grade - Introduction to Health Occupations/Health Science Professions
    • 8th Grade - Medical Skills & Services (High School Course)