Dillard Junior Achievement Company
    Dillard Digital Entrepreneurship is the first Entrepreneurship Magnet in Broward County.  Our students in grades 6-12 experience a carefully designed program to develop their skills as technology-savvy Entrepreneurs. 
    Middle School Digital Entrepreneurship
    The middle school magnet has two parts the first is Entrepreneurship-
    6th grade - Business Leadership - Students learn about all sorts of leaders and leadership styles - and PowerPoint
    7th grade - Business Management - Students learn how to run a business and all the different parts of a business - Word
    8th grade - Business Technology - High School Credit course - Students learn about all sorts of business technology finish out the Microsoft office certification in outlook and excel which qualifies them for 3 college credits at Broward College and is 50% of the major requirements for a Bright Futures CAPE Scholarship - GSC.pdf (floridastudentfinancialaidsg.org) 
    We compete are part of several programs and competitions Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Junior Achievement, and Business Professionals of America. 
    Then for the digital aspect students choose from several tracks:
    • Robotics 
    • Programming 
    • Game Design 
    • CyberSecurity 
    • Engineering 
    • Digital Art 
    • Film 
    • Animation 
    • 3D Digital Art 
    • Debate 
    The goal is to have a fun exploration-based curriculum that gives students an edge in the business world. To get an edge in the academic world we provide the international Cambridge program for all of our students 6-12 who meet academic requirements.
    Cambridge Program
    High School Digital Entrepreneurship 
    In high school, we focus on developing skills and qualifications to help students remove barriers to business success, gain college credit, qualify for scholarships and start their business.
    9th-grade entrepreneurship students compete in Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Competitions. Entrepreneurial Archetypes | NFTE