Coach Information


    Sport Coach Contact Email  Season 
    Boys Soccer  Anne Gillis August-October*
    Girls Soccer Carlos Velasquez  August-October*
    Cross Country Ryan Haase August-October*
    Golf  James Hesterman August-October*
    Cheerleading  Melissa Ward October-December
    Boys Basketball  Bryan White October-December
    Girls Basketball  James Hesterman October-December
    Boys Volleyball  Regina Lendinara  November-February
    Girls Volleyball  Staci Hill  November-Feburary
    Boys Flag Football  James Hesterman January-March
    Girls Flag Football  Anne Gillis  January-March
    Boys Track and Field  Wade Brosz  March-May
    Girls Track and Field  Ana Escobar  March-May
    Athletic Director  Regina Lendinara  N/A


     * Note: Students who are on an August-October team cannot participate in other sports with the same schedule. Multiple sports can be played on all other schedules (October-May).