Stay Cool After School!

  • Stay Cool  

    Current Clubs: 

    *Ceramics with Ms. Hanson & Ms. Forrester 

    *Engineering with Mrs. Kiley 

    *Sports Club with Mrs. Wheeler & Ms. Meireles

    *Books for Cooks K-2 with Mrs. Bush

    *Science K-5 with Mrs. Ham

    *Robotics Club with Mrs. Rogalla



    Welcome to the home page of our after school club program!

    Scroll down for registration!


    First, go to the eStore and pay for your class. Take the 10% off option if your child is in aftercare already, if you are a BCPS employee, or if two or more siblings are registering together (PLEASE NOTE-- Pay full price for one child and 10% off for each sibling). Leave this page open so you can return to register and click here to make your payment.

    Then, you must follow these steps to register:

    1. Make note of your login information before you click below. Your username is '3111Parent' and your password is 'parent'

    2. Click the link to register using the latest version of Internet Explorer (on PC), Google Chrome (PC or Mac), or Safari (on Mac)

    3. Select New Application or Update Application if you wish to make changes.

    4. Input your child's student number and last name.

    5. Fill out the form and select the club that your child is interested in (remember that all clubs meet at the same time so you can only select one club).

    6. When you click Submit, you will be redirected to the payment center. Complete your payment and you are all set.


    Thanks for being a part of Stay Cool After School! If you have any questions, you can call the school at 754-322-5950 or email club coordinator Laura Maniscalco (you can find her email under contact us)