Become a Volunteer

  • It takes many helping hands to produce the kind of quality education found at our school.  Our volunteers are a crucial part of the total school program.  They help classroom teachers, work in the Media Center, help in the clinic, tutor students, and assist with school activities. 

    Information about how to become a school volunteer is found at BCPS Get Involved website.

    The online application must be submitted before you can begin and this application must be filled out each and every year.

    Our volunteers work with teachers who request their involvement to:

    Expand the teacher's teaching time...

    • read stories
    • assist in labs
    • answer questions
    • check student work
    • help with technology
    • tutor math and reading
    • create new learning centers and resources
    • find materials for classroom use
    • help children with research
    • work with non-English-speaking children
    • reinforce skills by providing extra practice
    • play spelling, phonics, language and math games
    • assist children with make up work and missed assignments

    Enrich the learning environment...

    • dramatize stories
    • make educational games
    • assist with art projects
    • help children choose books
    • assist with creative writing
    • tape record children's stories
    • type and reproduce children's stories
    • help children use video or digital cameras

    Expand the resources of the the school...

    • make displays
    • share experiences in other cultures
    • give performances or demonstrations in the arts
    • share careers and add expert resources in classes