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Principal's Message

  • Hello Cypress Parents and Guardians,

    The second half of the year is well on its way towards excellence at Cypress Elementary. I would like to thank you all for allowing us to work daily with your most precious gifts…your children. In addition, your patience and cooperation during these unprecedented times has helped us in thriving thus far this year. While the pandemic continues to affect staff, students and families alike, please know we are here to assist. Please continue to visit the school’s website for updates on the most recent district protocols and requirements that may affect your child’s attendance in school due to the pandemic. It's great to know that as a community we all work tirelessly and together with the same goal in mind: Creating successful learners and productive citizens in our school community.

    We continue to Set the Stage for Success at Cypress and I must reiterate how proud I am of our students, teachers, staff and parents as we have stepped up instruction in an effort to close the achievement gap in student learning.  We have begun our Hoot Camp, Language Enrichment Camp and Saturday Camp review sessions for the additional extended learning opportunities for our students. This is in addition to our ESSER teachers that push into some classes to assist students and pull others out for targeted help sessions. Should you have any questions or interest in these opportunities please do not hesitate to contact us at (754) 322-6050.

    Not only are we focusing on academics but also on the social emotional well-being of our students. Our school counselor works closely with our teachers and students on mindfulness strategies that can help them cope with stressful or uncomfortable situations. At Cypress, we believe in reaching the whole child for continued growth with their educational experiences.

    Open communication is necessary to build the home-school connection. Again, do not hesitate to contact us should you need any information, assistance as we are here to help. Thank you for allowing us to educate our Outstanding Cypress Owls!


    Vanessa Schnur

    Luckiest Principal