Principal's Message

  • March 22, 2019


    Dear students and families,

    It’s been a busy third quarter here at McFatter, and we know that the fourth quarter will go by even more quickly.

    As you know, Assistant Director Cara Daniel now supervises many of our postsecondary programs, and our new Assistant Director, Darryl Harris, has been working this quarter with our high school students, parents, teachers, and programs. It’s been an exciting time for him, and he appreciates the warm welcome that so many of you have extended to him as he has moved into this new role on our campus.

    This time of year is of course “testing season” – everything from the FSA, to Advanced Placement exams, to end of course exams, to various industry certification exams, and – for those students dually enrolled in our postsecondary technical programs – the TABE exam. We know that our students are well prepared for all of these assessments, and encourage students to rest, eat well, and arrive ready to do their best on those assessments that they will take.

    It’s a fantastic time of year for many of our cocurricular competitive organizations, in particular the BPA (Business Professionals of America) and SkillsUSA clubs. In both organizations, McFatter students have been phenomenally successful, and McFatter has sent dozens of students to compete regionally and at the State level. Many of our BPA state competitors are now moving on to national competition, and we suspect that many of our SkillsUSA students who are soon competing at the State level will also qualify for national competition. We’re so very proud of all of our students who compete in these programs, showing the very best of what McFatter Technical College can help to prepare them for!

    Of course, it’s also that time when our Seniors grow increasingly excited about the conclusion of their high school years. Academically, they’re wrapping up their college and career preparatory coursework; they’re studying for AP and/or industry certification exams; and they’re preparing for the always-impressive Senior Exhibitions. Outside of coursework, they’re getting ready for Grad Bash, Prom, their final Yearbook, and of course, Graduation. We’re so very proud of all that they have accomplished here at McFatter, and can’t wait to find out where life takes them next.

    I hope this final quarter of the school year ends smoothly and successfully for everyone. For those who are graduating soon, we wish you congratulations and all the best for your future. For those who’ll be returning to us next year, we hope that your summer is full of rest and relaxation, and we look forward to seeing you in the Fall.




    Jeanette Johnson



    Jeanette Johnson


    McFatter Technical College and

    McFatter Technical High School

    (754) 321-5757



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