Principal's Message

  • December 1st, 2018


    Dear students and families,


    At the end of December, McFatter Technical College and Technical High School says farewell to one of its Assistant Directors, Mrs. Ellen Albano, as she begins her retirement. At that time, Assistant Director Cara Daniel’s responsibilities will be shifting, as she assumes leadership over a number of our postsecondary programs, and we welcome a new Assistant Director, Mr. Darryl Harris, who joins Ms. Daniel, Assistant Director Larry Rothman, and me, on the campus administrative team.


    Mr. Harris will be taking on the responsibilities you’ve been accustomed to seeing Ms. Daniel manage, as he becomes the Assistant Director with responsibility for the supervision of the high school, so I wanted to take this opportunity to “introduce” him to you. Mr. Harris has been one of McFatter’s Business Education teachers, and the Business Education department chair, for the past six years. He is a product of Broward County Public Schools, after which he received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida and a master’s degree from Florida International University.


    Mr. Harris is the youngest of ten children. When he’s not working, he enjoys traveling, reading (his favorite author is Tananarive Due), and catching episodes of “Greenleaf” or “Young Sheldon”. Although he already knows our campus and its culture well, he looks forward to working with our high school students, families, and staff in his new capacity, and I am excited that “one of McFatter’s own” will be continuing the work of serving our high school and its community.


    Once we return from the winter break, Mr. Harris will be operating out of what is currently Ms. Daniel’s office, in the Industrial building (she will be moving to an office on the east end of campus). When you are next on campus in the new year, I invite you to take the opportunity to swing by that office and introduce yourself to Mr. Harris. He’s excited to meet all of you.


    I hope this holiday season finds you and your family to be happy, and well. All of us at McFatter wish you the best of the season, and a Happy New Year to come.




    Jeanette Johnson





    Jeanette Johnson


    McFatter Technical College and

    McFatter Technical High School

    (754) 321-5757



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