Dress Code

  • New Renaissance Middle School Dress Code


    Colors for Tops

    White, Burgundy, and Gold (Solid Colors Only)

    Colors for bottoms

    Khaki, Black, and Navy Blue (Solid Colors Only), NO JEANS OR DENIM


    •        Bottoms must be worn on the waistline.

    •        Acceptable shoes are sneakers or flat-heeled shoes.

    •        Outerwear must be in solid colors and cannot conceal unified dress code shirts.

    •        NO pull-over jackets or sweaters

    •        Zippers or buttons down ONLY


    Denim Clothing                                                                               

    Leggings/Stretch Pants

    Jogging Attire                                                                   

    Muscle Shirts/Tank Tops

    Tattered, ripped Clothing                                      

    Visible Brand Name Logos


    See-Through Clothing

    Hats, Caps, Scarves                                                        

    Shirts unbuttoned Below the Sternum


    Tutu Skirts


    Ladies Tops: 

    Polos, Oxfords, Dress Shirts with                              

    Collars, Long or Short Sleeves                                               



    Straight Legged, Cargo, Dress                                    

    Slacks, Dockers, Capris, Knee Length,                                 

    Walking, Mid-Thigh Length

    Skorts & Dresses: 

    Dress-Styled Jumpers,

    Mid-Thigh Skorts and Skirts

    Gentlemen Tops:

    Polos, Oxford, Dress Shirts with Collars,

    Long or Short Sleeves


    Straight Legged, Cargo, Dress Slacks,

    Dockers, Knee Length


    Low hanging trousers are unacceptable.  Trousers must be worn and secured at the waist line.


    School Uniforms can be purchased at All Uniform Wear. Located at 8350 Pine Boulevard in Pembroke Pines, FL

    All Uniform Wear

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