School IDs



    New Renaissance Middle School ID's

    At New Renaissance Middle School each student is giving a school ID when they enroll for the year. The ID acts as the student's school identification card. It is also their school library card for checking out books from the media center and is can be set up as their Broward County school lunch card.

    Hero positive behavior program
    Every child is a HERO. Student's ID card also track their positive behavior through our HERO program. As students follow the rules and show outstanding attitude towards their academics, point are awarded to the student via their ID card. Once the student accumulates point they can cash them in for prizes, parties, and other awards.

    Check out the School Events for upcoming HERO awards, and Parties.

    Check out your child's HERO progress at:

    Your NRMS ID Benefits

    Your NRMS Library card
    NRMS School Lunch card
    Your Students ID use for great "Student Discounts" throughout the county
    To rack up your HERO points for great HERO awards & parties


    Replacement ID
    If an ID card becomes damage or lost students can request an ID to be reprinted. A $5.00 fee will be charged after the 4th I.D. replacement. 

    Replacement ID form can be downloaded from this link. <<ID Request Form>>

    Please fill out the form and return it to student services.

    Once this form is returned to The Main Office, your ID card will be issued and giving to Student Services within 2 to 3 school days. Any unpaid obligation will be issued to the student's account within 1 school days.

    Outstanding fees will be listed as a BCPS student financial obligation.  Students are responsible to settle ALL financial obligations in order  to participate in extra-curricular activities including field trips.