Benefits of Alternative High School

  • Traditional School

    High School Program



    Whole class-paced



    Classwork/homework options

    Teacher-directed instruction

    Teacher-directed instruction
    Computer-based instruction

    Average large class size

    Small class sizes

    Standard Diploma

    GED Diploma
    Adult Ed Diploma

    All grades earned are reported on local academic transcript every 18 weeks.

    Grades and credits are reported as earned.
    No "F" grades are issued.
    Students work to mastery.

    What is Performance-Based Education?

    Performance-Based Education is a system whereby students demonstrate mastery of competencies by working individually at their own pace. Students work together in one setting based on a common subject area. Grades reflect successful work only. Students do not fail – they remediate until they are successful. This gives students a better foundation on which to build for future courses.