HS Graduation Requirements

  • The Alternative High School program offers students the opportunity to earn a standard high school diploma through performance-based learning. The following requirements must be met.

    24 Credits - Standard Diploma


    4 credits


    3 credits (1 credit must be Algebra or its equivalence)


    3 credits

    World History

    1 credit

    American History

    1 credit

    American Government

    1/2 credit


    1/2 credit

    Physical Education

    1/2 credit

    Personal Fitness

    1/2 credit

    Vocational/Performing Arts

    1 credit


    1/2 credit


    1/2 credit


    8 credits

    Total Credits for Graduation

    24 credits


    Additional Graduation Requirements

    • All students must pass SSS FCAT 10 Reading and SSS FCAT 10 Math tests.
      • As of 2005-2006, all incoming 9th graders must pass the SSS FCAT 11 Science test.
      • As of 2007-2008, all incoming 9th graders must pass FCAT Writing.
    • The service hour requirements for the graduating class of 2021 have been waived.
    • Students must have a minimum 2.0 Grade Point Average on a 4.0 scale.

    Standard Diploma for Select Students

    • A three-year, 18 credit standard college preparatory program, or
    • A three-year, 18 credit career preparatory program


    Note: The above information is subject to change by the School Board of Broward County and/or the State of Florida Department of Education. Students will be notified of such changes via announcements and the school newsletters. Close and continuous communication with school personnel is imperative.