• Students choosing this path for their high school diploma must meet the following requirements.

    • Must be in or beyond their graduating year of school
    • Must have already passed the required FCAT test to enroll in Exit/Option
    • Must have completed a minimum of one (1) vocational credit
    • Must complete a career portfolio that includes a resume, cover letter, and the Discover career assessment program
    • Must participate in Exit/Option courses in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies and successfully pass the post-tests in each of these courses
    • Must take and pass all five parts of the GED practice test to be recommended to take the state GED test. These practice GED scores are only valid for 30 days.

    Upon passing the practice test, a student can then sign up to take the official state GED. Upon passing all five parts of the GED, the student will receive a standard high school diploma.

    The school will pay the $50.00 cost of the test for first time takers only.

    Benefits of the Exit/Option Program

    • No minimum credit requirement
    • No GPA requirement
    • Small class sizes
    • Accelerated remediation and graduation
    • Flexible scheduling options available
    • The GED Exit/Option diploma is accepted by the military, community colleges, and vocational/technical schools

    Note: High school transcript will reflect that the student received a diploma through an approved option. The Exit/Option diploma will be accepted at all community colleges and vocational/technical schools in Florida. Students who plan on going directly to a four-year university should verify acceptance with that school. The Exit/Option program is state-approved but may not be accepted at a 4-year university.