Middle School Academy

  • Group of MSA students

    The Middle School Academy, located on the West Campus of Dave Thomas Education Center is designed to remediate and accelerate 7th and 8th grade students who are seeking promotion to high school and who have been retained one or more years in another school. There is no cost to attend the Middle School Academy.

    Our Middle School Program is geared toward helping students succeed

    • Support team of administrator, guidance counselors, and highly trained instructors
    • General academic courses of Reading, Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.
    • Digital learning environment preparing students for the 21st century workforce
    • “School-within-a-school” model providing a small learning community
    • Individual student assessment and academic counseling
    • Provisions to address the educational needs of a broad range of learners including those with disabilities
    • Parent seminars and student recognition events

    Benefits of the Middle School Academy Program

    • Expand educational choices for students
    • Create educational interests
    • Offer a variety of graduation options
    • Provide real-life and hands-on experiences
    • Prepare the student for further education and the world of work
    • Offer career counseling, training, and work experiences
    • Set high expectations for all students to improve student achievement
    • Develop positive school climates with an emphasis on academic achievement 
    • Offer mentorship, individualized assessment, and personal counseling

    Mandatory Dress Code Middle School Academy

    • Khaki, navy or black slacks or knee length shorts; white, powder blue, navy blue or black polo shirt


    Mr. Woodard's Music Class