Sheridan Technical High School How to Apply

  • Sheridan Technical High School is a magnet school where, through a blended learning approach, high school students are offered a four-year course of study delivering highly rigorous academic and technical instruction while infusing technology into various aspects of program operation.

    Our vision is to provide our students with the occupational, academic, and higher-order thinking skills needed to function effectively in a technologically advanced society, a globally competitive marketplace, and an information-based economy.

    Integrating rigor, relevance, and relationship, graduates are eligible to earn not only a high school diploma and acquire college credit leading to an Associate’s degree, but also may acquire certification in 16 different technical fields. All courses are taught at the Honors or Advanced Placement level. Delivered through a block schedule, traditional high school coursework is merged with the requirements for technical certification over the four-year high school program of study.

How to Apply

  • Sheridan Technical High School is a state-of-the-art public magnet school with a theme of Technical Education. Students receive highly rigorous academic and technical instruction with technology infused into all their classes. Our students graduate with both the academic requirements necessary for entry into post-secondary education (college) as well as technical training in one of over 17 technical career choices.

    Entrance requirements are that the student:

    1. must live south of Sunrise Boulevard to be eligible for transportation; you may attend IF you provide your own transportation.
    2. have at least a 2.5 GPA in the four core classes (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies) on the most recent report card, and
    3. have a Level 3 or higher on the state assessment or score at least 50th percentile in Math and Reading on any nationally recognized standardized test.

    If your child attends a private school or is being homeschooled during the current school year, please send a copy of their most recent achievement test scores to Innovative Programs. Applications will not be processed until your most recent achievement test scores have been received.

    We accept 150 students per each grade level (grades 9-12) and are currently recruiting for the upcoming school year. You may apply online through the Department of Innovative Programs to attend Sheridan Technical College and High School during the application window. 

    *Please note that there are a limited number of seats for 10th and 11th grades; there are no seats available for 12th grade.

    If you have any questions, please contact Marisa Santana, Magnet Coordinator, at 754-321-7465.

    Sheridan Technical High School has its own facility NOT on the college campus. It is located at 3775 SW 16th Street, Fort Lauderdale 33312. The school’s main phone number is 754-321-7450.