Dress Code

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  • Since one of our primary goals is to prepare students for employment, students are required to dress neatly, to be clean and well groomed, and to dress appropriately as determined by the code of student conduct. Certain programs require students to wear a uniform and/or safety apparel every day to class. Career Dual Enrollment students will be given a uniform on the first day of class (if appropriate). If a student wishes to purchase an additional uniform, they can do so by contacting the front office receptionist. Students who do not require a uniform will be given a Sheridan Technical High School Career Dual Enrollment shirt and will be able to order additional shirts.

    Read more about our Uniform Policy.

Identification Badges

  • In addition, identification badges will be issued to all students. While on campus, every student is always required to wear their own identification badge. There is no cost for the first identification badge. However, a fee ($5) will be charged for a replacement badge. Any student not wearing an identification badge will be issued a detention for their first offense, with scaling punishment for subsequent infractions.