• Engineering & Robotics Pathways

    Engineering and Robotics- Engineering students at L612 gain the knowledge, and technological skills needed today in the engineering profession. Instruction includes studies in each of the following areas; Computer Aided Drafting & Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Robotics. Students work individually and in groups to become Industry Certified in CAD programs such as Mastercam and Autocad. They also become proficient in BASIC, and ROBOTC programming languages. Students are encouraged to join the Engineering & Robotics Club which participates in BSTA, SECME, and VEX Robotics Competitions.

    1. Engineering and Robotics Technology focuses on teaching students three basic things, one, how things work, two, how things are designed, and three, how things are made. Students learn how things work and how to make things work by understanding the principles of simple machines and how to use these principles to create more complex machines such as robots. Students also learn how things are designed and how to design things by understanding how to implement the design process to achieve a finished product. Finally, students learn how things are made and how to make things by developing skills in computer aided drafting and computer aided manufacturing.
    2. The skills that students learn in Engineering and Robotics Technology are useful in everyday life and can be applied to many careers. For instance, students learn computer aided drafting and manufacturing which applies to architecture, construction, design, manufacturing, and all aspects of engineering. Also, students learn robotc programming (a form of coding) which can be applied to careers in robotics and computer science.
    3. One of the several computer programs students learn in Engineering and Robotics Technology is Mastercam which is a computer manufacturing program. After gaining general knowledge of the software students can achieve an Associate Level Industry Certification in Mastercam by passing a series of multiple choice tests with a score of 80%.
    4. Students who take Engineering and Robotics Technology participate in several local and districtwide competitions (BSTA, VEX). In addition, students who complete the three high school courses (Intro to Engineering, Principles of Engineering and Computer Integrated Manufacturing) qualify to receive the Bright Futures Scholarship.