• The JA Experience At Lauderhill 6-12

    Creating The Leaders and Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow!

    As part of this phenomenal Junior Achievement Experience program at Lauderhill 6-12, students are introduced to Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy and Work-Readiness. Through team projects, as well as campus, regional and national competitions, students learn the importance of creativity, critical thinking, good communication and collaboration. To further enhance hands-on learning, students participate in Business Bootcamps, Leadership Retreats and Company site visits.

    In the 9th & 10th grades, students explore Career Clusters, Digital Citizenship, Strategic Decision Making, Banking & Savings, Investing & Risk Management, Credit Management, Budgeting, Life Planning & Personal Spending.

    In the 11th & 12th grades, students dive into real-life, hands-on entrepreneurial experience as part of the JA Fellows program. JA Fellows students identify real business opportunities, create a real student managed company and compete against other JA Fellow companies for a chance to win big! Additionally, students learn about Business Recognition, Business Development, Financial Analysis, Annual Reporting and Company Liquidation. JA Fellows students also get to participate in SPARK Tank Competitions, Business Bootcamps and National Competitions.

    All JA students get to enjoy the following initiatives: Distinguished Speaker Series, Professional Development Training and Business Etiquette Workshops. All designed to further groom students into future leaders and business professionals.

    When students complete this pathway, they will be inspired & prepared to lead & succeed in their future careers, personal lives and the global economy. SEE YOURSELF ROARING WITH US! 

    For more information about the JA Experience At Lauderhill 6-12 pathway, please contact MORRISON, ELEXCY elexcy.morrison@browardschools.com JA Instructor,  OR by phone: (754) 322-3600