• NAF Academies

    At Dillard we have 3 amazing National Academy Foundation Academies in Finance, Hospitality and Tourism and in Health Science. Each Academy is a four-year program that provides a curriculum designed by experts in the business world and in education. NAF is a Nationally known programs and participating business guarantee and interview with students who graduated from that program.

    Learn more about our academies:


    Academy of Finance

    Dillard High School - AOF Brochure

    AOF Application


    Academy of Health Science

    Dillard High School - AOHS Brochure

    AOHS Application


    Academy of Hospitality and Tourism

    Dillard High School - AOHT Brochure

    AOHT Application


    Enrollment Policy

    All students attending Dillard High School are encouraged to apply to any of our Academies. Speak to your guidance counselor, magnet coordinator or the teacher for your academy of interest.