Interpretation/Translation Services

  • Translation Services From the time of students' registration, every effort must be made to inform and orient parents to the Broward County Public Schools System through the use of materials that are translated into the three predominant languages: Haitian Creole, Portuguese and Spanish.

    District trained language interpreters and translators provide support services to District offices, schools, students and parents. Schools can also request the assistance of these interpreters and translators from the Bilingual/ESOL Department.

    Interpreters assist at parent conferences, ESE staffing, ELL Committee meetings, and other pertinent meetings where heritage language assistance might be needed.

    The Bilingual/ESOL Department offers training for interpreters and users of interpreter services to work together effectively in serving ELL students’ and families.

    The Bilingual/ESOL Department employs full-time translators who translate district-wide forms and documents that are sent home in the three major languages: Haitian Creole, Portuguese, and Spanish. These include, but are not limited, to the following:

    • Code of Student Conduct Books and Parent Guides
    • Registration Packets
    • Elementary Report Cards and Inserts
    • Elementary Interim Reports/Academic Improvement Plans (AIPs)
    • Parent Conference Forms

Contact Information

  • Interpretation/Translation Services

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    Phone: 754-321-2580

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